Sicilian cuisine, a mix of tradition and flavors

September 17, 2013

Among the Italian regional cuisines, the one from Sicily is very famous and appreciated, thanks to its intense flavors, the variety of products and the bright colors of its dishes. Merit of this variety is especially the different civilizations that have ruled the island over the centuries, leaving traces of their passage also in the local culinary tradition.

The Greeks left their mark in the use of cereals and olive trees, while the Romans, Phoenicians and Arabs embellished Sicilian dishes with spices such as anise, cinnamon, saffron and sesame. The Normans were responsible for the culture of the stockfish and cod, as well as smoked herrings, while the Spaniards are credited with having introduced the sponge, the basic element of the cassata. After the discovery of America basic nourishment for the caponata , that the tomatoes and peppers, arrived in Sicily, in addition to cocoa and pepper.

The coastal towns of Sicily - Catania , Messina, Palermo, Trapani and Siracusa - offer dishes that evoke the power of the sea with a wide variety of fish, while those of the hinterland - Caltanissetta, Enna and Agrigento - bring to the table meats, legumes, cheeses and sausages of excellent quality.

Sicily is a wild land, but it still produces highly prized fruits, such as very precious grapes and oranges, with their intense and unmistakable flavor.

The typical dishes of Sicilian cuisine, a mix of tradition, history, flair and sophistication, are a blend of flavors, a temptation to which anyone want to sell at least once in their life and as a result is very difficult to give up.

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