Six rules to drink coffee in Italy

May 2, 2016

Italy and its espresso coffee are a must for whoever decides to visit this amazing, truly beautiful and diversified country. And although coffee is a drink that is well known practically in every corner of the world, Italian coffee is something else entirely.

So, if you’re planning your holidays in the Belpaese, be sure to remember this six rules to truly enjoy Italian coffee.

  1. Italians loves to add coffee to their milk for breakfast: while in Italy, we suggest you to give a shot to each and every variations of this rule. Cappuccino, latte macchiato and caffelatte are a must.
  2. Coffee is coffee: keep your espresso as simple as possible. No strange added ingredients such as mint or variations such as frappuccino are required. You can, on the other hand, taste an amazing “caffè alla nocciola”, which is a frothy espresso with hazelnut cream, or a marocchino coffee.
  3. Espresso is the default coffee in Italy: you won’t need to ask for an espresso. Just ask for a coffe. The barman will understand.
  4. Small and steady doses: Italians usually drink their coffee short, a stop and go before work or while on break. Small, steady doses of espresso are consumed during the day.
  5. The standing coffee: Italians usually drink their coffee right at the bar counter. This drink should be downed in one, standing. No need for a table, unless you’re planning to take a longer break.
  6. Careful of the heat: Italian coffee is served very hot. Be sure to check before downing it and burning your tongue!

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