The best destinations for a luxury vacation with children

October 16, 2023

Traveling with children may seem like a challenge, but when it comes to a luxury holiday with children, everything can turn into a memorable and stress-free adventure.

The idea is to combine the luxury and comfort you desire with the activities and experiences that your little ones love. And, fortunately, there are destinations that are just perfect for this!

French Riviera

Let's start with the magical French Riviera. Here, among the golden beaches and charming villages, you will find luxury resorts offering kids' clubs, cooking lessons for budding little chefs, and fabulous pools. While you enjoy a moment of relaxation in the sun, your little ones can partake in fun supervised activities. This is what I mean when I talk about a luxury vacation with children!


But if you dream of something exotic, how about the Maldives? Yes, you heard right. It's not just a haven for honeymooning couples. Many luxury resorts in the Maldives have understood the importance of welcoming families and offer spectacular overwater villas, underwater activities for all ages, and even yoga classes for children. Imagine the joy in their eyes when they see a manta ray or a whale shark while snorkeling! A luxury vacation with children can truly turn into an educational experience.


If you prefer an urban setting instead, Tokyo might surprise you. The Japanese capital is not only ultra-modern and dynamic, but also incredibly child-friendly. From interactive museums and theme parks like Tokyo Disneyland, to luxury restaurants with kids' menus, there's always something to do. And as night falls, retreat into one of the city's luxurious suites with breathtaking views. Here's another brilliant example of how a luxury vacation with children can work perfectly.


From Asia, we fly directly to the Bahamas. These paradisiacal islands are not just for those looking to escape routine. They offer a plethora of experiences for the little ones, from water parks to educational dolphin programs. And while the kids are busy making new friends, you can relax in a luxury spa or enjoy an exotic cocktail on the beach. What makes a luxury vacation with children special is the ability to balance your needs with those of your little ones.

Little girls playing during a luxury vacation in Italy


Italy is the ideal destination for a luxury holiday with children. With its wealth of culture, food, and landscapes, Italy is another destination to consider. Cities like Florence or Rome are full of history and offer art and history lessons for children. But if you prefer to stay away from the crowds, regions like Tuscany or Umbria have magnificent rural resorts that combine luxury with nature. As you explore vineyards and medieval villages, your children can enjoy horseback riding courses or cooking schools. A luxury holiday with children in Italy can turn into an unforgettable journey through history and culture.

In conclusion, the world is full of amazing destinations that welcome both you and your children. The key is to find the right balance between relaxation, luxury, and fun. With a little research and planning, a luxury vacation with children is not only possible, but it can also become one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

So, pack your bags, grab your passport, and embark on the adventure. The world awaits!

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