The best luxury villas in Como: the exclusive gems of WeVillas

December 13, 2023

There is something magically unique about luxury villas on Lake Como that never ceases to captivate. Imagine waking up in one of these historic residences, with the sunlight gently filtering through the arched windows, while the lake stretches peacefully before you.

Luxury villas in Como, represented by WeVillas, are more than just residences; they are experiences that encapsulate the essence of discreet and refined luxury. Picture yourself strolling through lush gardens where every flower seems to tell a story, and enjoying a sunset over the lake, with colors reflecting on the water like an impressionist painting.

Each villa chosen by WeVillas tells a unique story, rich in charm and history. From neoclassical villas to modern architectural homes, each property has been carefully selected to offer not only luxury but also an immersion in local culture and history.

You will feel like a character from a period novel, but with all the modern comforts at your fingertips. The furnishings of these luxury villas on Lake Como blend traditional elegance with contemporary design touches, creating warm and welcoming environments. Whether you are dining in a frescoed dining room or relaxing in a modern indoor spa, the experience will always be unparalleled.

An Immersion in Beauty and Comfort

The luxury villas on Lake Como offered by WeVillas are not only beautiful to look at but are also oases of comfort and relaxation. Imagine spending your days swimming in pools with lake views or relaxing in an elegant outdoor jacuzzi.

And what about an aperitif on a panoramic terrace, where you can toast to the beauty of life as the sun sets behind the mountains? These experiences are what make staying in a luxury villa on Lake Como a memory that will last forever.

Each villa has its unique personality, perfectly in line with your needs. Whether you are looking for a romantic retreat, a place for a memorable celebration, or simply a corner of paradise to escape from your daily routine, WeVillas has the right solution for you.

And it's not just the villa itself that makes your stay special; it's the attention to detail, impeccable service, and knowledge of the area that WeVillas provides. You will be guided on an exclusive journey where every desire is anticipated and every expectation is exceeded.

A stay in one of the luxury villas on Lake Como selected by WeVillas is more than just a vacation; it is a transformative experience, a journey into the heart of luxury and beauty, immersed in a landscape that has inspired poets and artists for centuries. It is an opportunity to live life to the fullest, in an environment where every detail has been designed for your pleasure and well-being. Are you ready to live the dream?

Villa Acqua Dolce, one of the luxury villas on Lake Como represented by WeVillas.

The selection of luxury villas by WeVillas

Villa Acqua Dolce

For those who appreciate elegance and discretion, the beauties of nature, and the timeless charm of the lakeside atmosphere, the luxurious Villa Acqua Dolce is undoubtedly an excellent choice.

The property is located at the foot of the Resegone and Grigna mountains, in the splendid setting of Lake Annone, in a natural basin delimited by the Lecco plateau. The main house, the stable with an attached greenhouse, the park, and the swimming pool make up a vast residential complex that blends in with the natural environment with the utmost elegance. Comprising ten large bedrooms and nine bathrooms, this three-story house can accommodate up to nineteen people.

Villa Barbara

Perched on the mountainside above the famous and enchanting Bellagio, Villa Barbara is a splendid and luxurious rental property set in a beautiful park with breathtaking views of the Alps and the iconic Lake Como.

Spread over two floors, the interiors of Villa Barbara boast high-quality finishes and are furnished with numerous custom-made furniture pieces by renowned international designers and artisans. Elegant Biedermeier furnishings are scattered throughout every corner of the house.

Villa Daniela

Villa Daniela is an entirely eco-sustainable property. Nestled against the mountain rocks, which are visible from inside the house through large windows and facing south, you can enjoy 300 hours of sunshine in summer and benefit from the freshness of mountain air. The house's sustainability concept ensures ecological and local materials, such as mountain stone on the external façade and energy-efficient appliances. The villa also features an organic garden.

Casa Chanel

Casa Chanel is a perfect location if you are planning a luxury vacation on Lake Como and consider environmental sustainability and full contact with nature as essential factors in your choice.

The property, perfect for accommodating large families and groups of up to ten people + 2 child beds, is situated in a breathtaking location on the hills of Tremezzo in Griante: its panoramic view of the beautiful Bellagio, the central lake, and the Alps seems like something out of a dream. Developed over two floors, Casa Chanel immediately stands out for its large panoramic windows that resemble wide-open eyes on the sublime surrounding landscape. With its four bedrooms and generous contemporary-style living spaces, it is ideal for experiencing quality moments both inside and outside the house.


We are always ready to offer you the best luxury travel experience!

We are a young and enthusiastic group working in luxury tourism for over 10 years. We personally select the villas we offer to our clients and ensure that they meet the highest standards in every aspect.

We seek only the best for our clients, nothing less!


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The best luxury villas in Como: the exclusive gems of WeVillas

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