The Festa of San Giuseppe in Palazzo Adriano, between religion and folklore

March 8, 2013

The Festa of San Giuseppe (St. Joseph) in Palazzo Adriano (PA) is a moment of religion and folklore, which seems to innovate more and more every year while remaining in the tradition. This is one of the most heartfelt and awaited holidays, so much to be celebrated twice, 19 March and the first Sunday of September.

During the celebration of March, there is also a Festival, with tasting of local foods, including olive oil, cheese, sausage, pizza and desserts. In addition to this, people would enjoy performances by folk groups and visit the museums of Palazzo Adriano; a picture from the movie 'Cinema Paradiso' will be offered to the visitors. It's well known that Palazzo Adriano was the location chosen for the movie by director Giuseppe Tornatore.

Tradition has it that on the eve of the Festa of San Giuseppe in Palazzo Adriano, many families set sumptuously the 'tavulate', some kind of altars decorated with bay leaves and orange and laden with dishes characteristic of the celebration, once considered poor foods: broccoli in batter, thistles, daffodils, asparagus and mountain fennels. There are plenty of typical Sicilian cakes, such as pignolate and sphinxes. By the time, the tradition has given way to modernity, acquiring different pastries, more diverse and sophisticated.

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