The wine experience is renewed thanks to Wine Design

October 8, 2013

"Water divides men, wine unites them", said Libero Bovio. What is certain is that it is a drink that can not be tasted in any container. Each wine has its own glass and its decanter, tasting to make a unique experience. In this regard the celebration of wine lovers can count on Wine Design, an innovative, revolutionary and highly emotional luxury accessories line, made exclusively by the hands of wise masters, valuable keepers of the most important Italian craft traditions.

Born from an idea of the architect Carlo Benati of Verona, the result is entirely Made in Italy and includes unique and exclusive objects, all made by hand. Among these, the Decanteriano, an active sculpture, and the Decanterino, a "flower glass" of Murano, both custodians of a scenic patent that accelerates the oxygenation and preparation to wine tasting, getting the separation, if any, of the solid part.

The technical functionality of the innovative oxygenation process combines with the theatricality of the passing of wine through the forms and the precious materials used by Wine Design. This is why the taste becomes celebration of flavors, smells, colors and circumstance, signing moments that will become cherished moments.

These are just some of our luxury properties in Italy that are available for weekly rentals: do not hesitate to contact us for any request!

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