Things to do in Lake Iseo (Italy), in the bottom of Valcamonica

October 25, 2013

Lake Iseo, also called Sebino, is located in the Lombardy region in the bottom of Valcamonica between the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia, and is a major tourist attraction of this alpine region, especially from May to September, both for its natural beauty and for the chance to practice different sports, from windsurfing to sailing and scuba diving.

The main attraction of Lake Iseo is perhaps Monte Isola, located right in the middle of the lake, the largest natural lake island in Italy as well as the highest in Europe. 600 meters from the Sanctuary of Ceriola, accessible through various paths from the town on the island, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of both sides of the lake. Trekking enthusiasts can also walk through the 11 km coastline of this island that has twelve characteristic towns. To the north and south of Monte Isola, there are the small islands of Loreto and San Paolo, both privately owned.

On the coast of Lake Iseo from Bergamo, the most interesting countries are Sarnico and Predore, where stretches of beach still resist before the scene becomes hopelessly wild, with sheer cliffs and spectacular rock outcroppings, especially near Castro and Zorzino. Other notable towns are Tavernola Bergamasca, Portirone, Zu and Lovere, a small village that recalls its best in its historical center, with various buildings and monuments to see, such as the Tower of Alghisi, Soca Tower, the Palace Gregorini and the Tadini Art Gallery. On this side of Lake Iseo flows the River Oglio, in a beautiful natural scenery.

To the east of Lake Iseo, on the Brescia side, the first village you meet is Paratico, followed by Iseo, the most important tourist center of the lake: the fraction Covelo houses the famous "Bus of the Quai", a complex of caves and walls for climbing. Sulzano worths a visit, too. It's located a short distance from a picturesque bay where you can enjoy various water sports. In Sulzano there are also the seventeenth century Church of Saints Fermo and Rustico, built near the waterfall Petoi, and the Church of Santa Maria del Yoke. Sale Marasino, which preserves the Parish Church of San Zeno and other ancient churches in its fractions, as well as some important sixteenth-century palaces, and especially Zone, where you can watch the characteristic phenomenon of "erosion pyramids", are beautiful towns, too. The east coast of Lake Iseo ends in Pisogne.

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