Things to do in Menaggio, between nature and historical villas

October 18, 2013

Menaggio is a beautiful town set on the western shore of Lake Como in Lombardy. Unlike many small towns of the lake, which are literally "climb" on the banks, Menaggio is located in a wider area, which has enabled it to expand more than the others have. It is therefore not difficult to find something to visit or to do in Menaggio.

The lakeside promenade is a pleasant walk with impressive internal squares, fountains, bars, ice cream parlors and pizzerias. This touristic wealth can help make Menaggio less authentic than Bellagio and Varenna, which are in connection to it via a picturesque harbor. The wharf and the small modern harbor full of yachts give it a certain charm.

As soon as they set foot in the historical center of Menaggio, the beauty of this village, which is small but tremendously fascinating, will delight visitors. The heart of the town is Piazza Garibaldi, where you can see the facade of the church of Santa Marta, enriched by the presence of a Roman memorial plaque. Another medieval witness is the Church of San Carlo, built in the eighteenth century.

You cannot stay in Menaggio without visiting the beautiful Villa Mylius Vigoni, a house-museum built in the first half of the nineteenth century surrounded by a garden of rare beauty.

Finally, thanks to its favorable location, Menaggio is the ideal starting point for a number of excursions up and down the Alps of Lombardy, or along the banks of the lake, that you can visit by boat in search of the most inaccessible villas. A particularly rich area of trails to explore on foot or by mountain bike is that of Val Sanagra Park, a large green area located just outside the town.

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