Things to see and do in Giardini Naxos in Sicily

September 24, 2013

First Greek colony in Sicily, the town of Giardini Naxos was the cradle of ancient Mediterranean civilizations and now is a tourist resort at the forefront of southern hospitality. For this reason there are many things to do and see while on vacation near Giardini Naxos. Located halfway between Messina and Catania, from Giardini Naxos you can visit the nearby Taormina, just 5 km away, Syracuse, Palermo and Agrigento. It's a famous seaside resort, with crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches, especially during the busy summer period. The city bears the marks of a distant past, whose testimony is visible in the Archaeological Park, which stretches for 40 hectares between Cape Taormina and Cape Schiso. There are sacred buildings of the Archaic period, old houses and remains of defensive walls, built with stone blocks. There are also a large number of kilns, in memory of the art of modeling clay, material at the base of a large number of objects of fine workmanship . Many of these are preserved in the local Archaeological Museum, built as a fort in the seventeenth and eighteenth century. And while in the past the economy of Giardini Naxos was based on pottery and wrought iron, these activities have gradually reduced to encourage the promotion of tourism. The seafront in Giardini is the emblem of this activity, as the center of life and summer nightlife of the town. The long road skirts between bathing beaches, interrupted occasionally by a series of contemporary maritime sculptures, a happy blend of natural and cultural attractions. Finally, for those who prefer to discover the historic buildings, the attractions of Giardini Naxos are different, from the Church of Santa Maria della Raccomandata to the Church of St. Pantaleon, passing the Castle of Schisò, born as a defense building and later became an aristocratic mansion.

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