Things to see and do in Portofino, fishing village in Italy

November 8, 2013

Portofino is a small but exclusive resort in the Ligurian Riviera, located in a bay at the foot of the promontory, about 36 km from Genoa. It is widely regarded as one of the most picturesque fishing villages of the world. The town has developed around the harbor and the main square, revealing glimpses of extraordinary beauty and poetry.

Portofino is also one of the symbols of the "Dolce Vita". Since the early 50's it has indeed become a destination for Hollywood celebrities and great personalities of art, politics and industry: you can often meet them, as they walk like any tourists on the quay of the harbor or in the narrow alleys. In contrast to this worldly image, Portofino manages to keep the typical atmosphere of a small maritime village, where every morning the fishermen gather at the harbor to sell fresh fish.

Established during the Roman Empire under the name of Portus Delphini, probably due to the presence of dolphins in the sea off, Portofino still preserves its architectural relics of the past: Castello Brown, a former military fortress of the tenth century, situated in an elevated position at the entrance of the inlet, and the churches of St. George and St. Martin definitely worth a visit. The Lighthouse, which is located on the farthest point of the promontory, is really beautiful, too. There you will come across a small road surrounded by lush vegetation and, once reached, the view literally takes your breath away.

A holiday in Portofino also means you can do long swims in the clear waters of the beautiful beach of stone and rocks. Or enjoy the beautiful sunset in the Bay of Cannon, or get caught by the wonderful spectacle of quiet and lights of the Bay of Silence. Even the classic hike towards Paraggi on the sidewalk that runs along the coast to the North Cape, continuing the charming wooden structure suspended over the sea, is something you don't want to miss. Finally Portofino offers several attractions for nature lovers, hosting a marine protected area and a regional nature park.

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