Things to see and visit in Argegno, on Como Lake

December 12, 2014

Argegno is a small town located in a large inlet on the western shore of Como Lake; despite its reduced dimensions, there are many interesting things to see and visit here. The village is also the starting point of the famous cable car that only takes five minutes to take you to Pigra, which is situated 1000 meters above the sea level; from this place, you can admire a breathtaking view on the Lake Como and the Alpine foothills and also make excursions to Mount Galbiga, to Tellero and Alpe di Colonno. Argegno is also the outer municipality of the Val d’Intelvi, whose roads connect Lake Como to Lake Lugano.

The town is a very picturesque one and it is characterized not only by the beautiful lakefront with fascinating houses overhanging the banks, but also by the ancient village divided into two parts by the stream Telo and connected by an old bridge with pointed arches, dating back to the Roman-medieval age. Numerous remains of fortifications still present in the historic center testify the Roman origins of Argegno, which owes its name to the consul Publio Caesium Archigenes.

The most beautiful churches are the parish of SS. Trinity, built at the beginning of the twentieth century in Romanesque Revival style, the shrine of St. Anne of the seventeenth century, which preserves valuable pieces of art by Barberini and Isidoro Bianchi, and the Romanesque church of San Sisinnio, considered a real gem.

It is highly recommended to take a walk in Vicolo Mulini, where more than four centuries ago, the so-called "Roggia Molinara" was built; this is an ingenious canal system, using the water of the stream Telo to provide hydraulic power to the four mills in the village. These mills still exist but are now converted into houses.

Argegno is easily accessible by car from Milan via the A9 highway; you shall exit at Lake Como and then continue for about twenty minutes on the SS 340 Regina, following the Argegno/Menaggio direction. The town can also be reached by car from Switzerland, Valtellina and Valchiavenna. You can reach Argegno by bus from Como and nearby villages, or by boat on the Como-Colico line.

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