Things to see in Lecco, the city symbol of the Betrothed

December 20, 2013

Populous city of nearly 50'000 inhabitants in Lombardy, Lecco is situated on the lake of the same name, equivalent to the eastern branch of Lake Como so well described by Manzoni in The Betrothed, and on the left bank of the river Adda, between the mountains Grigna and Resegone. And the Milanese writer, which set here the events of his immortal novel, made famous Lecco in Italy and in the world, although the city preserves historical and architectural treasures of a glorious past beyond the reputation forged by the story of Renzo Tramaglino and Lucia Mondella.

For example, the Lecco's historic center retains the walls and the moat that surrounded the medieval village, a must see, as well as the magnificent bridge Azzone Visconti erected between 1336 and 1338. Nearby is the church dedicated to St. Nicholas, located in an elevated position on the ruins of the old city walls. Characteristic element of the basilica is the so-called "Matitone (Big Pencil)", the bell tower 96 meters high, which is the symbol of the city. Very interesting is the church of Santa Marta, richly decorated in baroque style, and the neo-Gothic Palazzo delle Paure (Palace of Fears), located in Piazza XX Settembre dominated by Visconti Tower, the only part of the fortifications Visconti arrived to our days. The interior of the tower is a museum and presents temporary exhibitions.

Lecco is a town worth visiting for the scenic attractions: set among hills, mountains, rivers and lakes, in a harmonious and suggestive continuity, is home to some of the best scenery of the Alps in its surroundings. In this town enjoy a relaxing stroll on the beautiful lake, hike in the "Valley", and walk through the northern districts of the city located beyond Corso Matteotti, are mandatory activities, to admire the picturesque remains of ancient workshops for the manufacture of silk and iron.

Finally, the two landmarks of the Manzonian itineraryPescarenico, the quaint village consisting of small blocks of flats fishing, the only district of Lecco explicitly mentioned in the Betrothed. And then the House of Manzoni in Caleotto, where the writer spent part of his youth and that was invaluable source of inspiration for the plot of the famous novel. The villa now houses the municipal art gallery, full of paintings of the Lombard school from the '600 and '700.

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