Things to see in Tindari, between the shrine of the Black Madonna and the Greek Theater

March 25, 2014

Among the most popular tourist destinations of the province of Messina, Tindari has undergone several cultural influences still visible on every street corner. Ancient Greek polis founded in 396 BC by Dionysius of Syracuse, the town is then passed under the dominion of the Romans, the Byzantines and, finally, the Arabs, people who have left traces of their passage through buildings and monuments of inestimable value.

In the archaeological area of Tindari, there are the remains of the ancient city, which came to light in the excavations carried out between 1838 and 1839 and resumed in 1960. They were found mosaics, sculptures and ceramics preserved in the Archaeological Museum of Palermo and partly in the local museum, but the highlight is the ancient Greek Theater, built in the late fourth century and restored in Roman times with new decorations and various adaptations for the games of the amphitheater. The theater is located near a hill on which were carved the big steps that served as seats and could accommodate about 300 people. During the Roman period, they added a porch and rebuilt the stage, while the orchestra was transformed into an arena. Since 1956, the Greek Theatre hosts an important festival of dance, music and theater.

Next to the it, arises an entire city block with housing and environments for trade dating back to the first century BC, although over time they have been modified several times, and the famous Basilica.

Another building, which is symbol of Tindari, is the Shrine of the Black Madonna, situated on a promontory overlooking the sea near the ancient acropolis. The statue of the Black Madonna is carved in cedar wood and most probably comes from the East. Saracen pirates destroyed the church in 1544, but it was rebuilt a few years later.

Tindari, as the whole of Sicily, also stands for the sea and pristine beaches: the Lagoon of Tindari, which can be reached via the SS 113 along the Tyrrhenian coast, offers breathtaking and unique scenery for lovers of the sea. Another very charming resort is the beach of Marinello, located in the homonymous nature reserve established in 1998 to protect the lagoon area that is located at the foot of the promontory.

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