Three amazing Italian microbrews you cannot miss

January 23, 2017

If you are planning your luxury holiday in Italy, take note of some of the most spectacular microbrews the country has to offer.

According to the famous website RateBeer, there are several brands in Italy that are ranked among the best beers: Baladin has an average score of about 4, and at the top are also Revelation, Panil, Lambrate Imperial Ghisa, Maltus Faber Imperial and Birra del Borgo Sedicigradi: they are mainly Barley Wine, Imperial Stout and Sour beers that you would definitely appreciate, and their brand are fairly famous even beyond the national borders.

What we are giving you here today is instead a list of three microbrews that are amongst the most appreciated in the country, and rarely known outside of Italy. Our advice is to give them a try during your stay in the most beautiful country in the world.

Montegioco Garbagnina: this strong ale with cherry runs at 5.3% ABV and is manufactured in Montegioco, Piedmont. It highlights the typical Bella di Garbagna cherry, a local product of the Alessandria area and is a medium-bodied beer with a soft mouthfeel. This very juicy and crushable beer offers mild flavors of malt and wheat supported by a slightly acid cherry flavor.

Birrificio del Ducato Baciami Lipsia: made in Soragna, in the beautiful region of Emilia Romagna, this 4.5% ABV Italian Göse Sour is is a blend of barrels that are 9 months old (and inoculated with lactobacillus) and a newer beer that is brewed with Himalayan pink salt. The result is definitely crisp, citric and slightly salty in the background. Very soft, is definitely a beer that needs to be tasted at least once.

LoverBeer BeerBera: this wild fermented ale with Barbera grapes fermented in Barbera wine barrels is made in Turin, Piedmont, and boasts an impressive 8.0% ABV. It’s a sour beer similar to Belgian Lambic but offers a distinctive Italian twist thanks to the addition of Barbera, one of the most famous wines in the country. The result is a purplish beer that tastes light, sour and extremely refreshing, with a prominent fruity flavor of wine. You will fall in love with it.

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