Tourism in Italy: the “BEL PAESE” is confirmed as preferred holiday destination

October 23, 2018

According to a survey conducted by SWG Confesercenti in some European countries, Italy remains one of the favorite destinations for vacations. The research has been made in Great Britain, Spain, France, Poland, Germany, Sweden and Netherlands. The so called “Bel Paese” confirms its positive image to the eyes of tourists, which voted the country with a 7,3. Italy has been very appreciated by Swedish (91%), Spanish and German (90%) people: they are the most inclined to choose our country as destination for their own trip.

Italy, indeed, is considered the ideal holiday destination from European tourists. This trend is confirmed by annual tourist flows. Regarding the specific voting, Italy has been classified over the average vote (7) from some countries: Great Britain, France and Spain. Poland has given our country a 7; whereas Germany, Netherlands and Sweden has voted Italy just below 7.

Our country is choosen especially for some reasons: at the top there are monuments, art and cities; then natural beauties and food; lastly, the climate. Natural beauties are the first reason of choosing Italy for Germany (64%), Great Britain (61%), Netherlands (54%). The artistic, cultural and historic heritage is considered the most important reason for Spain (82%), Poland (79%) and France (72%). Sweden particularly appreciate Italian food: 73% of Swedish voting people said this was the first reason for spending their vacations in the “Bel Paese”. Finally, also Italian lifestyle has its appeal on foreign tourists: especially in Germany (28%), Sweden and France (26%), Spain (23%), Netherlands (19%) and Great Britain (18%).

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