Trials and walking paths around Lake Iseo

January 7, 2014

Lake Iseo offers endless hiking trails and walking paths for lovers of hiking and mountain biking or just for occasional walkers, with start and finish in the beautiful valleys of the many marked paths or in the countries surrounding the lake. The area is highly coveted by walkers, not just Italians, because there you can admire beautiful landscapes and places of historical and artistic interest. Less strenuous, but no less impressive, are the lake tour by car and boat trips that allow you to reach by walking the most interesting places and monuments in a short time.

The most famous route around Lake Iseo is probably the one that starts from Provaglio Iseo, on the Brescia side, and leads on the roads to the discovery of the Franciacorta vineyards, castles, monasteries and noble villas. You cannot miss the path of the Falls of Monticelli Brusati, whose route runs in a forest with dense vegetation, and the old Strada Valeriana, a trail of Roman origin that passes through the villages of Pilzone, Sulzano, Marasino, Marone, Zone and Pisogne.

The so-called Earth Pyramids are a must see, too: a special geological phenomena that can reach a height of 30 meters. The route starts from Marone, on the eastern shore of the lake, then veer towards Zona, and after a climb of about ten miles, it arrives in Cislano, starting location of this route.

They deserve a healthy walk even the Riserva naturale di Torbiere del Sebino, particularly suitable for bird watchers because of its large number of observation points; the route of Valcamonica from Pisogne to Ponte di Legno, on the northeastern shore of the lake, in contact with a rich flora and numerous wild animals protected by the Adamello Park; and finally Montisola (or Monte Isola), the largest lake island in Europe. Various paths allow you to reach the 600 meters of the Shrine of Ceriola, the highest point of the islet, from where you can admire a breathtaking view of both shores of Lake Iseo.

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