Tuscany: Mozart playing in the vineyards makes wine better

November 7, 2016

Why are Italian wines such as Brunello di Montalcino and Sangiovese some of the most famous and appreciated in the whole world? Because they taste absolutely amazing. And that is why winemakers have all the interest in keeping their vineyards at “their most beautiful”, even with the aid of classical music.

According to a recent article published by CBS News, there is a vineyard in Tuscany where grapes are “serenaded” all day because, according to the owner Giancarlo Cignozzi, Mozart makes them grow stronger and healthier and, therefore, the wine coming from them is nothing short but perfect.

What was the idea behind the Mozart serenades to the vineyards?

“I suppose that the music can improve the life of the humanity, animals too. But why not the plants? Imagine the world without music!” Giancarlo exclaims.

His vineyard, called “Il Paradiso di Frassina” is, in fact, a sort of heaven on Earth where Mozart music plays all day long.

The staff of the vineyard explains: “We divide the property in 25 different areas and we monitor the quality of the grapes at the time of the harvest”. When Mozart plays, “the plants seem more robust. The grapes closer to the speaker have the higher sugar content, so we believe in this idea”.

According to Stefano Mancuso, a plant scientist at the University of Florence, “It’s very difficult to say that plants like classical music -- Wagner, Mozart, or whatever you want. What they are able actually to do is to perceive sounds and specific frequencies”. Mancuso is an expert and has been studying the Mozart vineyard for more than a decade. According to his theory, Giancarlo’s vines may grow toward the speakers because frequencies resemble those of running water.

The entire ordeal is, in fact, so interesting that the famous electronic company Bose has financed more research in the vineyard and provided it with 72 speakers. They work just fine and it looks like the sound is even able to reduce dramatically the number of insect attack.

Giancarlo, of course, is proud both of the research and the quality of his wines. And now stands by his decision of serenading the grapes more than ever.

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