Ul Furmighin: slow food and courtesy in the tavern of Sagno

April 9, 2013

f you are in holiday near Switzerland and you want to spend a couple of hours dedicated to good food and cordiality, the restaurant Ul Furmighin in Sagno is definitely the place for you.

Ul Furmighin (literally 'the little ant') is a cooperative non-profit organization, created to give back to Sagno, a former municipality in the Canton Ticino now part of the town of Breggia, suitable structures to establish the human contact necessary for the social life of the town.

Its tavern is a place quaint and simple where you can enjoy the finest cuisine, prepared in the name of the dictates of Slow Food; the little shop of Ul Furmighin, however, was created as a support for the local population, consisting mainly of elderly, which can then stock up on fresh produce and staples.

In the shop, as well as in the kitchen, priority is given to providers of local and fresh products: bread, cheese (especially the typical Formaggini of the Valle di Muggio), sausages, eggs, milk, honey, fruits and vegetables are never missing on the bench and on the table of Ul Furmighin.

For more information: http://www.furmighin.ch/

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