Umbria: what to see. Perugia, Assisi and medieval villages

January 15, 2019

Umbria is one of the most beautiful Italian Regions and offers to tourists the possibility to visit various art cities and medieval villages, which host ancient churches and castles. The territory covers hills and mountains, vineyards and olive groves, offering to visitors real breathtaking panoramas. Umbria is reach of history and culture, nature and traditions.

Starting from Perugia, country seat of the Region, where there are many historical sites like Fontana Maggiore, San Lorenzo Cathedral, Palazzo dei Priori, the Galleria Nazionale, Rocca Paolina, the Franciscan oratory of San Bernardino. Birthplace of the Perugina chocolate, the city offers different traditional local products: cured meats, hams, cheese and meats.

Another destination not to forget is Assisi, medieval village which offers the possibility to retrace San Francesco’s places. Among the churches to visit there are the neoclassical church of Santa Maria degli Angeli (with the tiny Porziuncola chapel), San Francesco square and the Upper Cathedral where you are surrounded by Giotto’s and Duccio da Buoninsegna’s works, then the Inner Cathedral and the Sacro Convento.

Beyond these two main cities, the Region is rich of etrurian and medieval villages: real pearls preserving the Umbrian tradition, with beautiful buildings and historical sites. Among the most beautiful places there are Conciano (on the hills near Perugia), San Gemini (in the province of Terni), Spello (between Assisi and Foligno), Montefalco (in the province of Perugia) and Panicale (near the valley of the Nestore river and the Trasimeno Lake).

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