Vatican Gardens: tickets, guided tour and opening

June 28, 2013

The Vatican Gardens occupy about two-thirds of the surface of the small state of Vatican City. This has been the place for rest and meditation of the Pope since 1279, when Nicholas III moved the papal residence from the Lateran to the Vatican, and can be visited only with a guided tour. The visit to the Vatican Gardens allows you to see the inside of the smallest state in the world, including monuments, works of art and wonders of nature.

The Vatican Gardens extend from south to north-west of the Vatican City and are separated from the north from the Vatican Museums. The historical and artistic treasures found within gardens are varied, such as the old Leonine Walls or the countless fountains, all of extraordinary beauty. Between them, it's good to remember in particular the fountain of Galera, the result of three centuries of change and development, which made it even more spectacular, with its magnificent galleon that shoots water from its cannons.

There are others must-sees, as the temples, shrines and caves dedicated to Our Lady, among which there is the one dedicated to the Madonna della Guardia in memory of the Grotto of Lourdes. The nature is the backdrop for these symbols of history and faith, with trees, flowers, shrubs and climbers from all over the world. A riot of scents and colors adorns the Vatican Gardens during any season of the year.

Guided tours of about 2 hours to the Vatican Gardens
Every day except Wednesday and Sunday
Full price: 32 €
Reduced ticket: 24 €

The ticket includes entrance to the Vatican Museums (without guided tour), guided tour of the Gardens and a rental headset guide.

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