Rome, Venice, Apulia: three videos to make you fall in love with Italy

September 19, 2016

The amateur filmmaker Oliver Astrologo has given birth to three beautiful videos on his homeland. The result? Everybody seems to be falling in love with Italy, all over again.

Oliver’s goal was quite simple: he wanted to create something special in order to “trigger new emotions” in his viewers. Through the lens of his camera, Astrologo made all the hidden beauties of Italy available to everyone and the result is nothing less than splendid.

It is very possible that “amateur” is the last word coming to your mind while watching this filmmaker’s videos. In fact, Astrologo provides a quite complex technique, the result of a blend of creative and artistic skills. In his own words: "I wouldn't consider myself a professional filmmaker. However, since I was a teenager I have been using all sorts of cameras to express my creativity. Looking at other artists and mastering different techniques enabled me to deliver better material".

"I love my country and I thought that I should start to apply my new perspective to those Italian places I love. It is essential that the final output triggers new emotions and let the viewers discover places they were not really aware of. For example, my latest production uncovers the hidden life of the venetian artisans that have been carrying on the traditions for centuries."

The three mini-films that we are proud to show you are the result of Oliver’s work with a small crew. The filmmaker explains that the most difficult thing is to find the perfect moment when the most beautiful cities in Italy are not overcrowded with tourists. Usually, “the solution is to film very early in the morning, when the majority of people are still asleep”.

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