Villa Cimbrone in Ravello: opening times, prices and info about the Gardens

June 27, 2014

Villa Cimbrone consists of a historic building built on a rocky outcrop overlooking the Amalfi Coast, surrounded by a six hectares large park, filled with statues, fountains and various antiques. Villa Cimbrone as we know it today was built in the early years of the Twentieth century, thanks to the English gentleman Lord Grimthorpe. He enlisted the help of Nicola Mansi, a barber-builder from Ravello, and they worked on the remains of a patrician villa of the Eleventh century; they mixed styles and eras, creating in the end a magnificent and stunning building.

First thing to see inside the gardens of Villa Cimbrone is the Cloister, which presents a lot of decorative elements, both sacred and profane, such as the seven deadly sins and the nine Norman warriors. Once you get past the Crypt, you enter the impressive Avenue of Immensity: it is full of trees, flowers and exotic plants, but you can also find clay pots from the Eighteenth century and bronze statues depicting Greek warriors. The avenue leads to the magnificent Terrace of Infinity, also known as the Gate of the Sun: it offers a stunning view of the Gulf of Salerno, the nearby coastal resorts and the mountains of Cilento.

Moving past the Poggio di Mercurio, going down the stairs and going forward along a path, you reach the Temple of Bacchus, clearly inspired by classical architecture and supported by eight Doric ribbed columns. Next you’ll find the Eve’s Grotto and the bronze statue of David, located up a steep staircase in the middle of the woods, surrounded by rare wild orchids. Ahead is the Rose Terrace, in the middle of which stands a light stone meridian; on the outer edges, there are four ornamental statues: Flora, goddess of Flowers and Spring, Leonardo’s Leda with Swan, and two wrestlers, Damosseno and Greucante. The visit ends with the Tea Room, preceded by a splendid Italian garden with rich flowerbeds of ancient roses, and the Hortensia Avenue, surrounded by magnolia stellata trees, ginko biloba, espaliers of giant dahlias, spiree and beds of coloured peonies.

Inside the building of Villa Cimbrone is a luxury hotel, while the gardens are luckily open to the public throughout the whole year, from 9:00 am until sunset. They can be visited for a fee: the entrance ticket price is € 7.00 and discounts for groups and children up to 12 years are also available.

Villa Cimbrone and its secular gardens are located inside a pedestrian area, which is accessible through a small panoramic route in Via Santa Chiara 26, about 10 minutes from the old town center of Ravello (SA). For more information or to book a tour, please call the number 089.857459 or write to the email address

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