WeVillas for PAMO O.N.L.U.S: we support Zambia!

October 2, 2020

For the third consecutive year, WeVillas is honored to be at the side of PAMO O.N.L.U.S, an association that for many years has been committed to helping and supporting the populations of African countries, in particular Zambia.
What drives PAMO is the will to concretely give a hand to the people of Zambia, mainly favoring the development of three areas: education, health and social.

25.09.2020: my Africa is called Zambia!

The WeVillas team is proud to support Pamo O.N.L.U.S and to support her fundraising; for this reason, once again this year we were happy to organize a meeting moment at the Hotel Villa Sassa in Lugano, an opportunity not only to raise funds for the Association but also to get to know its works, aims and philosophy!

We are very proud of the feedback received from the event and the great participation: thanks to you, we were able to make a big contribution to PAMO and the children it supports!

Finally, we leave you with a phrase Nuccia Invernizzi (founder of PAMO O.N.L.U.S) that encompasses the meaning of our actions in favor of PAMO O.N.L.U.S: "Do you understand to be a drop that is dipping a desert that has so thirsty. Will we be able to make a flower bloom? ”.

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