September 25, 2018

WeVillas chooses to support Pamo O.N.L.U.S. Association to help populations from the african developing countries, particularly in Zambia. Pamo managed to organize and develop many initiatives through the local volunteers from O.N.G. Zambian Helpers Society (ZHS). The decision to leave the operation to natives responds to a precise strategy of Pamo, the Association in fact supports the populations by providing them with the necessary tools for their self development.

The interventions Pamo has taken in charge affect three important areas: education, health and social set up in the areas of Chipongwe, Luanshya and other small villages. The Lukamantano Community School hosts, takes care and feeds every day many children, half of them orphans and mostly in poorest conditions, following them from Nursery to Primary School. The Association has also organized tailoring workshops, sewing, agriculture and carpentry, also receiving a request from the Ministry of Education to open a High school in the country.

Health Care is one of the most important issues faced by Pamo which opened a Hospital and provides home care service in addition to the significant malaria prevention and the antiretroviral treatment program activated for HIV-positive or AIDS infected people. With regards to Social projects, Pamo has founded a Family Home for orphans or abandoned children, a Women's Club for girls and mothers and finally Pamo has planned a distance support program for children or families in need.

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