Villas in Syracuse

Villas in Syracuse

Syracuse is one of the most beautiful cities of the Mediterranean. Located on the south-eastern coast of Sicily, partly on the island of Ortigia and partly on the mainland, it is proud of its title of World Heritage Site, thanks to its extraordinary historical, archaeological and landscape wealth. Do not be surprised if Syracuse can offer an impressive number of tourist attractions to its visitors, who are invited to stay in the splendid villas for rent with all the comforts suggested by WeVillas. The city was in fact one of the biggest metropolis of antiquity and one of the most important Greek "polis" in the world. The most striking evidence of this glorious past are still visible in the beautiful ancient center of Syracuse, in the Park of Neapolis with the Roman Amphitheatre, the Greek Theatre and the Ear of Dionysius, in the Temples of Apollo, Athena and Zeus, in the mysterious catacombs where the apostle Paul used to preach. However, we would be making a serious mistake if we limit the importance of Syracuse just to the ancient period: the city retains unparalleled jewels dating back to the Renaissance and the Baroque, from the Cathedral to the two churches dedicated the beloved patron Saint Lucia, to the magnificent palaces and shining villas. A holiday in Syracuse will not be complete without a stroll through the narrow streets of Ortigia, possibly walking on the boardwalk to reach the legendary fountain of Arethusa, without a boat ride on the River Ciane or a dip in the beautiful waters of the protected marina of Plemmirio. WeVillas offers several proposals for villas and luxury apartments for rent in the beautiful Syracuse in Sicily.

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