Delizie di Bacco brings on the table the cuisine of Como Lake

January 22, 2013

The area of Como Lake has mores and food traditions fairly homogeneous, focusing on environmental and climatic factors that influenced a particular orientation towards the exploitation of specific resources and the preparation of special foods. And right in Como, there is a small shop specializing in wines and local cuisine, called Delizie di Bacco (Delights of Bacchus).

Compared to other food traditions of Northern Italy, Como Lake cuisine, while preserving a general footprint of pauperism, is much more varied, mainly due to the amylaceous babis of minor cereals (millet, barley, rye and oats), buckwheat and chestnuts, which are often used alongside rice, corn and potatoes. The beef and pork meat is underused in favor of white and game one. The vegetables, however, as well as fruit, are well represented, and together with weeds, are used to enrich soups.

A peculiar characteristic of the cuisine of the area of Lake Como are the seasonings, with the best olive oil produced locally, with its particular lightness, and vegetable oils of flaxseed, walnut and rapeseed.A great Como dish is definitely the fresh water fish, which can hardly be called a sporadic presence on the tables of local residents.

Typical but refined food of the Como cuisine is the bottarga, whose an excellent craftsmanship version is sold by Delizie di Bacco. Here you can buy some very good trout roe, with its delicate and particular flavor, or the highly selected whitefish roe, prepared according to a tradition that has its roots in antiquity.

But the culinary tradition of Como Lake does not end here. In the area you can enjoy the smoked char, whose flesh is firm and very delicate, as well as trout eggs, which can be accompanied by mountain butter, yoghurt or sour cream. Finally, we have to mention the trout tartare refined with honey, prepared with pure Italian mountain honey and extra virgin olive oil.

The food products are available from:

Delizie di Bacco Enoteca
Via Briantea 19
22100 Como


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