Identifying the Style and Artistic Interest in Art Collections

February 23, 2024

When we delve into the world of art collections, "identifying the style and artistic interest" plays a central role in defining the direction and personality of our collection. This process is not just a matter of personal taste but also reflects a deep understanding of the different artistic currents and how they align with our personal inclinations.

Identifying and cultivating one's style and artistic interest in art collecting is a journey as personal as it is rewarding. With passion, patience, and an open mind, you can build a collection that not only reflects your unique taste but also offers a window onto the vast and varied world of creative expression. Provided you follow a few, simple rules.

Discovering Your Own Style and Artistic Interest

The discovery of your own style and artistic interest is a personal journey that requires curiosity and an open mind. Starting may seem daunting, but it's crucial to explore without preconceptions. Visit museums, galleries, art fairs, and use online platforms to immerse yourself in a wide range of works. Pay attention to what evokes an emotional or intellectual response in you. Visit different art collections, take notes on the artists, genres, and themes that attract you the most. Experiment by participating in workshops or art courses; direct exposure to different techniques and materials can reveal previously unexplored artistic inclinations. Time is an ally in this process: your tastes will refine and might even change as you explore and learn more.

plate from a porcelain collection. A rather common style of collection.

Explore different forms of art: painting, sculpture, photography, etc...

Each form of art, and with it, each art collection, offers a unique window into the world of creative expression. Painting, with its wide range of styles and techniques, from the delicacy of watercolor to the richness of oil painting, offers unparalleled diversity. Sculpture, on the other hand, connects us with the physical dimension of art, inviting us to consider space and form in unique ways. Photography challenges us to see the world through another's lens, capturing moments that range from the ordinary to the sublime. Exploring these and other forms of art enriches our understanding and appreciation, guiding us towards a more holistic view of the artistic landscape.

Create a list of favorite artists and artistic movements

Compiling a list of artists and artistic movements that reflect your personal tastes is an essential step in refining your artistic interest. This list becomes a compass that guides your future explorations and acquisitions. Start by identifying the works that resonate with you the most, then deepen your knowledge of the artists and the historical and cultural contexts in which they operated. You'll discover that many artists have been influenced by or have influenced specific artistic movements, offering a rich tapestry of connections and influences to explore.

Maintain coherence in your collection

Maintaining coherence in an art collection doesn't mean rigidly sticking to a single style or era, but rather developing a thread that reflects your personal taste and artistic vision. Consider purchasing works that dialogue with each other in terms of themes, colors, or techniques. Don't be afraid to mix epochs and styles, as long as each piece adds value to the overall narrative of your collection. Stay true to your interests, but also be open to new discoveries that can broaden your understanding and appreciation of art. Documentation is crucial: keep track of the works purchased, including information about the artist and the piece, to maintain a clear vision of your collection as a whole.


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