Lake of Burano, an 'Italian wonder' of oasis and beaches

November 5, 2013

At the southern end of Tuscany, in the middle of Maremma, lies the Lake Burano. State Nature Reserve since 1980 and WWF Oasis, it has a very unique feature that makes it look like a lagoon: it is separated from the sea by an impressive expanse of dunes covered with thick vegetation, but it is still connected to the Tyrrhenian Sea through an artificial channel that is opened according to the needs. The oasis of Lake of Burano was recently conferred the award of "Italian wonder".

In such a context, nature tourism is obviously a must: the Lake of Burano is in fact the ideal habitat for many animal species, especially birds, and the lush growth of trees and plants. In particular, you can see flamingos, wild geese and gulls, but also Cetti's Warbler, ducks and hawks. In the bushes and the glades sandy dunes live deers, porcupines, badgers, rabbits, skunks, hedgehogs and tortoises.

But the wonders of the natural oasis are not the only attractions of Lake Burano: the nearby beach offers about 12 km of fine sand, and the sea, just as limpid and clear, laps the shore in front of the dunes rich in vegetation typical of the Maremma. The beach is largely free from picnic areas and dining options.

The imposing Tower of Buranaccio, built on the shore of Lake Burano, is very nice, too. Built around the mid-sixteenth century, it was the most defensive outpost southern State of Presidii and it was right on the border with the Grand Duchy of Tuscany and the Papal State. The tower has survived almost intact but unfortunately can not be visited as it is a private property.

The Lake of Burano can be reached by car from Grosseto, taking the road Aurelia towards the south, in the direction of Rome: at km 131, turn in the direction Capalbio Scalo and, after passing the level crossing on the left, follow the signs for the WWF Oasis. By train, however, reach the Capalbio Scalo station and, after a short but healthy walk or bike ride, you arrive to the visitor center.

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