LOROPERNOI, the photographic exhibition of Davide Pizzigoni

February 1, 2013

For more than five years, Davide Pizzigoni, versatile artist, painter, designer and photographer, has been devoteing his art research to the custodians of museums, characters seemingly invisible but essential to the life of the place they guard. And LOROPERNOI, the photographic exhibition of Davide Pizzigoni by Cristiana Colli, held in Reggio Emilia from February 3 to March 17, 2013 in two different locations, is precisely dedicated to these guardians.

LOROPERNOI is a site-specific project dedicated to the collections of Reggio Emilia, in Italy, and its leading figures in the history of collecting, as Gaetano Chierici, Lazzaro Spallanzani and Luigi Parmeggiani. It's always true that art has no price, but in this case the exhibition of Pizzigoni's works is even free of charge.

The two sites of the exhibition LOROPERNOI of Davide Pizzigoni are Palazzo San Francesco, a museum which houses some important archaeological, naturalistic, ethnographic and artistic collections, and Galleria Parmeggiani, former house of artist and interesting case of nineteenth-century collecting between the true and the false.

Davide Pizzigoni has created a gallery of portraits that depict these invisible sentinels on their place of work, among the works of art, the stuffed animals, the decorated interiors, the nineteenth-century paintings and Greek amphorae found into the two fascinating sites of Reggio Emilia. It's important for the artist to identify and describe the relationship that is estabilished between the photographed subjects and the context where they are captured and spend most of their days.

by Cristiana Colli

Reggio Emilia
Palazzo San Francesco - Via L. Spallanzani n.1
Galleria Parmeggiani - Corso Cairoli n.1

Opening Saturday, February 2, 2013 at 7:00 PM

OPEN TO VISITORS: 3 February / 17 March 2013
SCHEDULE: Tuesday to Friday 9:00 AM / 12:00 AM
Saturday and Sunday 10:00 AM / 1:00 PM - 4:00 / 7:00
Free admission

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