Reviews and References. Why, in Luxury, References Matter but Reviews Do Not

August 22, 2023

You searched for Lake Como villa and ended up on our website. You expected to see published reviews, but instead, you found nothing. This absence is intentional. And here, we share the reason for this choice, already knowing that you will agree with us 100%

Lake Como Villa: Here's Why We Don't Publish Reviews

When it comes to deciding on the purchase of a luxury product or service, many consumers rely on reviews and references for information. However, not all sources of feedback are equally trustworthy or relevant in the context of luxury. In this article, we will explore why, in the luxury sector, references are more valuable than reviews.

We invite you to conduct an experiment. Go to a search engine and type in Lake Como villa. Among the various links, you will certainly find some that lead to luxury villas, hotels, and resorts. These links, as per the online marketing manual, also include some reviews. However, these reviews are never signed with full names. And there's a reason why there are no signatures. It's called purchase confidentiality.

Customers who purchase luxury products, such as exclusive cars, high-end jewelry, yachts, prestigious properties, and high-end tourist services, often wish to keep their transactions private. Sharing online reviews can reveal information about their expenses and lifestyle, which may not be desirable for privacy reasons.

But then, if it is not possible to publish reviews with full names, anyone could post a review claiming it to be real. After all, the signature will always be John F. K., Henry S., or Theresa M., regardless of who is really behind it. Perhaps someone who doesn't even know what a Lake Como Villa is...

But if it is not possible to publish reviews with real signatures (or at least many clients do not want to), it is better not to publish them at all and, if necessary, share references. But only with those who are extremely interested. That is what we have always done

lake como villa: un panorama di como

Lake Como Villa: The References

References for luxury products and services are often preferred over reviews for several reasons, many of which are related to confidentiality and the quality of the information provided. Here are some reasons why references are particularly important in the luxury sector (and references for Lake Como Villas are no exception):

Confidentiality: References are usually shared confidentially and directly with potential clients. Unlike online reviews, which are visible to everyone, references are shared only with those who are seriously interested in a luxury product or service. This respect for privacy is particularly appreciated by luxury clients, who often prefer to keep their transactions and consumption choices private.

Quality of Information: References are usually provided by customers or business partners who have had direct experiences with a company, product, or service. These testimonials are often more detailed and relevant than online reviews, as they come from trusted sources with in-depth knowledge of the offering in question.

Credibility: References are considered more credible than reviews, as they come from selected and verified sources. Additionally, references are often accompanied by concrete evidence of the client's success or satisfaction, such as tangible results or benefits gained from the luxury product or service.

Personalization: References can be customized to address the specific needs and questions of potential clients. Unlike online reviews, which are often general and aimed at a broad audience, references can provide specific and relevant information for the interested client. The luxury sector caters to a niche of clients with specific needs and expectations. Luxury clients are often looking for exclusive, personalized, and high-quality products and services. Therefore, general reviews may not be detailed or relevant enough to meet the needs of these clients.

That's it. For these reasons, we do not publish reviews, but upon request, we have several references to show.

Therefore, if you are genuinely interested in a luxury villa and want to be assured of the quality of the services associated with it, just contact us.

We will be happy to answer all your questions.


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