Roselle Archaeological Park: the remains of an ancient Etruscan town

January 14, 2014

At about 8 km north of Grosseto, along the State Road 223 in the direction of Siena, lies the Archaeological Park of Roselle. Discovered in 1942 and renovated between 2003 and 2004, it contains the remains of the homonymous city of Etruscan origins, romanized in the end of the third century BC and abandoned during the Middle Ages because of malaria. The excavations have brought to light large sections of the walls, the remains of the Roman city and part of a small amphitheater and thermal baths on a hill.

The best places to visit in the archaeological site of Roselle are the remains of the mighty Etruscan walls (over 3 km long and up to 7 meters high), the Roman Amphitheatre, built in the first century AD at the summit of the north hill of the city, the magnificent House of the Mosaics, the Temple of flamines Augustales, the Baths, the Necropolis and the early Christian basilica, built in the eighth century AD converting a Roman thermal baths not in use.

It is possible to contemplate the Archaeological Park of Roselle along two different routes. The first one includes a visit to an area of the city wall, and then turn north at the hill and reach the amphitheater. Continuing in the direction of the valley of the Forum, you can enjoy the thermal baths of Hadrian and, descending along the decumano to the exit, arrive to the old and ancient spa. The second way accesses to Roselle through the decumano: In this way, you can visit the old spa, the valley of the Forum and the Hadrianic baths, and then get up the hill to the amphitheater and town walls.

The Archaeological Park of Roselle is open every day with different opening times, depending on the period. From November to February, it is open from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm; in March, April, September and October, from 8.30 am to 6.30 pm; from May to August, from 8:30 am to 7:00 pm. The ticket costs € 4, while reduced for young people between 18 and 25 years costs only 2 Euros. Free admission for those under 18 and over 65 years and for the owners of the "Io studio" card. Unfortunately, access for the disabled is only partial. Infotel: +39 0564 402 403.

Finally, remember that the Museum of Archeology and Art of the Maremma, in Grosseto, houses a rich section dedicated to Roselle, which tells the history of the city from its foundation to its abandonment.

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