The charm of the Tuscan Maremma lives in a book

January 29, 2013

The Maremma is the wild heart of a Tuscany of land and sky, consisting of large spaces and dilated times. It's the perfect setting for an outdoor holiday in harmony with a territory, where the dimension of travel respects the rhythmas of man. No wonder then that it was chosen to make the background of the first Italian novel by Marco Malvaldi, "La Briscola in Cinque".

Characterized by nature and sparkling sea, golden beaches and shady pine forests, the high Tuscan Maremma is the perfect place for a summer vacation, thanks to the warm hospitality offered by the locals. The Maremma coast meets the needs of young couples as families, thanks to the wide sandy beaches and pine forests, allowing a natural and harmonious relaxation.

Apparently it's also the perfect setting for a crime novel. The story of "La Briscola in Cinque", written by Marco Malvaldi and published by Sellerio, takes place in Pineta, a fictional town located on the coast around Livorno, become a fashionable seaside resort. When the corpse of a young girl is found in a dumpster of a parking lot, everybody suspects a bad drug and sex deal, partly because of the licentious conduct of the victim, the spoiled daughter of a rich family. And while two friends of the girl are suspected, a group of old men of the Bar Lume and its bartender start talking about the crime and investigating.

Behind a great crime story, the life of a rich province, civil and brisk manner, shows up; it stubbornly survives the ravages of consumer tourism. "La Briscola in Cinque" is a book worth reading, as well as the Tuscan Maremma is place worth visiting.

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