The itineraries to visit the Natural Park of Maremma

January 28, 2014

Established in 1975, the Natural Park of Maremma is one of the most interesting Italian destinations in the province of Grosseto and the whole of Tuscany. Inside you will find some of the most beautiful and untouched areas of the Maremma coast, while the hills are covered with a thick Maquis shrubland that is home to numerous specimens of birds of prey and other wildlife. In the park there are also several archaeological sites, both of Etruscan-Roman to medieval times.

To visit the Natural Park of Maremma, there are 16 itineraries that vary by season, duration and difficulty. All routes can be addressed individually, in groups or with the help of a guide. It is also possible to carry out surveys on horseback, possibly riding a splendid specimen of Maremmano, cycling and canoeing. The park is open all year round, every day of the week. Before entering, you must buy the ticket at the visitor center of Alberese (the cost varies depending on the itinerary). There are no specific guidelines to follow, with the exception of wear hiking boots and bring water to drink, a wind jacket, a hat, and in summer, even a mosquito repellent.

Among the many routes of the Natural Park of Maremma, maybe 3 are those not to be missed for any reason: the route "The Magic of Plants" (La Magia delle Piante), the route "Emotions and Art in Nature" (Emozioni e Arte in Natura) and the route "Traditions and folklore" (Tradizioni e folklore).

"The Magic of Plants" is dedicated to the Mediterranean flora and its unique resources, through research and recognition of the plants most representative of the various ecosystems on the ground. "Emotions and Art in Nature" is a walk in the nature to relax and regenerate your body on a physical, mental and emotional level. Finally, "Traditions and Folklore" is a journey to discover the Maremma and its people, to understand the rhythms of life, character, cuisine and customs of the local people. This itinerary includes a guided visit to a mill to watch the processing of the olives, and a tasting of typical products.

The Maremma Natural Park is easily accessible by car from the north, taking the exit Rispescia - Alberese - Maremma Natural Park from the SS Aurelia and continuing for several miles on the SP Alberese, until you reach a town with the same name; from the south, take the exit for Alberese - Maremma Natural Park of the SS Aurelia and then continue in the direction Alberese where is the visitor center of the park.

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