The world's highest piano concert performed on top of Monte Rosa

August 16, 2017

Elisa Tomellini, Italian pianist and mountaineer, performed the 'world's highest piano concert in the Alps at an altitude of 4,460 metres and after climbing the Monte Rosa mountain massif on foot. Her grand piano, on the other hand, was flown on site by helicopter.

Elisa has several talents, and has won several national awards for her piano-playing, but at the same time loves to climb and that is why she travels around the world to practice this sport. So why not doing something to combine these two passions?

The Genoa-native artist and sportswoman explained that she decided to do the concert "in order to close the circle of my two lives, that of a pianist and the life in which I temporarily abandoned music to discover the beauty of the world. I also wanted to bring music and the mountain into people's hearts, and to help people in doing so". She then explained that she has decided to donate all proceeds raised by the concert to a Nepalese children's home.
But what was her impression while performing on top of Monte Rosa and how did she feel? Elisa's words couldn't be clearer: "Small in comparison to nature".

"Every so often it's important to realize the proportion of things. I was cold and scared of not being able to finish; I'm still very emotional and happy to have arrived on my own feet and to have played with my hands," she added.

A curiosity: the concert was held at a temperature of -15°C.

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