Things to do in Cernobbio, between historic residences and tourist routes

May 7, 2013

A few kilometers away from Como, there is the beautiful Cernobbio, city famous for its historic homes, which enjoys a favorable position protected from the heights of Mount Bisbino and nestled on the shores of Como Lake. Despite the proximity to Como, Cernobbio has very different characteristics, with a landscape to be discovered, both on foot and by boat, offering various opportunities for vacation.

The promenade that connects Como to Cernobbio is a bike path 5 km length, also walkable, characterized by an enchanting panorama. Alternatively you can opt for crossing the lake by boat. For trekking lovers, near the summit of Mount Bisbino, at an altitude of 1,225 meters above sea level, you can take the "Via dei monti lariani", a trail that stretches for over 100 kilometers of the mountains surrounding Como Lake and offering visitors a truly breathtaking panorama.

Among the many famous nineteenth-century villas of Cernobbio, worth mentioning the famous Villa d'Este, of great artistic interest. Now housing a luxury hotel, the villa was built in the sixteenth century by Pellegrino Tibaldi and is famous for its beautiful gardens. Along the creek dominated by the Villa, you can reach a promontory on which stands Villa Pizzo, another interesting example of a historic home built in the XIX century.

You should not miss Villa Erba, built in the sixteenth century as a monastery for women, which today is a top-level congress center, and Villa Bernasconi, built in Liberty style and now home to art exhibitions and major cultural events.

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