Things to see in Orbetello: nature, beaches and tradition

June 24, 2014

Orbetello is a quaint town inside the Maremma’s area, located at the center of the lagoon. It is an important nature reserve, populated by numerous species of birds. From this place, you can reach the Monte Argentario through a road built on an artificial dam, which has divided the lagoon into two bodies of water commonly known as Laguna di Levante and Laguna di Ponente.

Because of its extremely varied nature, Orbetello has developed seaside tourism, thanks to the beauty of the coast and its sandy beaches, as well as natural and cultural tourism. The town is a perfect destination for people who love trekking and bird watching, while other visitors are attracted by the craft and gastronomic traditions or by the archaeological treasures.

The first thing to do in Orbetello is enjoying the amazing view from the Passionist monastery, which is located on the Argentario at an altitude of 273 meters. The entrance to the village is characterized by Etruscan walls, built during the Fourth century BC and made of large polygonal blocks. In the old town center you can admire the Spanish Governor's Palace, the Church of Santa Maria delle Grazie and the Cathedral, an imposing Romanesque building that still shows the signs of the Orsini restoration, which happened in 1375.

Nature’s lovers will have to go to the Orbetello lagoon, which is located along the migratory route and thereby hosts large quantities of birds. Once here, there are several routes you can take, with different bird watching stations. Amongst all the species you can find here, the pink flamingos are simply unforgettable.

Finally, the beaches of Orbetello are definitely worth a mention. They are very suitable for families with children and inexperienced swimmers, because of their relatively low depths. The Feniglia beach is 7 km long and it has fine and clear sand; it is equipped with beach resorts, restaurants and bars, but for the most part is free, with untouched and deserted areas even in peak season. Behind the beach is the pine forest of the Duna Feniglia Nature Reserve, where you can easily spot some deer. The Giannella beach is 8 km long and, unlike the previous one, it has a much higher number of beach facilities. It is also a very popular place for people who love practicing sailing sports.

Orbetello is easily accessible by car, along the SS Aurelia. You can also reach it by train with the railway line Rome-Genoa, stopping at Orbetello-Monte Argentario. The train station is located in Orbetello Scalo and it is served by bus service to the town center

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