Top 3 Italian beaches for your summer holidays

April 3, 2017

Are you planning to spend your holidays in Italy, vacationing and exploring what is rightly defined as one of the most beautiful countries in the entire world? Are you a sea lover, beach runner, sand adorer? Take a look at our picks for the Top 3 beaches in Italy for summer 2017!

Chia, Sardinia

Prepare for a peach-colored sand and one of the bluest seas you can ever imagine. Chia Beach, in the breathtaking region of Sardinia, is all of this and so much more. Also known as “Spiaggia della Baia di Chia”, the beach is located in the province of Cagliari and in one of the most pristine bays of the entire region. You will immediately fall in love with its soft dunes covered in juniper trees and immerse yourself in the turquoise waves. We are quite sure you will soon experience the feeling of being in another world.

Chia Beach is 750 meters long and 90 meters wide, lying 500 meters northeast of Su Giudeu, another spectacular beach in the area. It is characterized by an astounding lagoon that is also an important breeding ground for flamingos, while in the sea you will have the chance to spot some dolphins… if you’re lucky, of course.

Vasto, Abruzzo

This forgotten jewel of Italy is definitely features one of the most attractive beaches of the region and, possibly, the entire country. Vasto is a lovely hilltop town in the Abruzzo region, overlooking the Adriatic sea. Its marvelous medieval center and several beautiful buildings dating back to the 15th century are much appreciated, but so is its amazing coast - considered amongst the most popular destinations for the Italians. What you will immediately notice are its interminable white sand beaches, definitely deserving some exploration, and the striking stretch of unspoiled coastline in Punta Aderci, where also a nature reserve resides.

Vasto is definitely the perfect destination for those traveling with their family and kids and looking for naturally beautiful landscapes and a lot of services: sandy beaches, crystal clean sea and a true tradition in terms of welcoming visitors will make this area one of your favorite in Italy.

Tropea, Calabria

Have you ever heard about Tropea? Ask your Italian friends, and they will probably raise their eyebrows and smirk: who wouldn’t want to spend their summer in one of the most spectacular coastal areas in the country? Even though Tropea doesn’t feature anywhere like as prominently as Apulia or Sicily in the list of Italian destination, it is, in fact, one of the classiest enclaves in Italy and can easily put up with a Taormina or Positano. Apart from the old town, full of shops and traditional restaurants, Tropea offers beautiful beaches and sea in the “toe” of Italy, dipping deep into the Mediterranean Sea and its classic blue panorama. Sublime cliffs, ancient dwellings perching on the and a couple of surnames that says it all - the Jewel of Calabria and The Coast of Gods - might give you a pretty clear impression of Tropea’s beauty. It’s your perfect choice if you are looking for an area that has escaped the over-commercialisation of other destinations.

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