WeVillas and PAMO ONLUS make a flower bloom

January 27, 2021

On 25th September WeVillas has organized a charity event in collaboration with BancaStato to support Nuccia Invernizzi Foundation, PAMO ONLUS, that has been dedicated for many years to support people in African countries, especially Zambia.

If you lost the article about the project, click here and read the details:



We are proud to announce we reach an important aim! Thanks to this special event on September at Villa Sassa in Lugano and the essential fundraising for the association, Fondazione Nuccia Invernizzi was able to buy solar panels for Zambia’s children schools. This is a wonderful update!

This project promotes the development of the most important areas of that community, first education, health and social.

Think about the important phrase of the founder of PAMO ONLUS, Nuccia Invernizzi.

“You realize to be a drop which is watering a thirsty desert. Will we be able to make a flower bloom?”

Now we know the answer: We are able to make a flower bloom, because we made it.

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