Barbagia in Sardinia: towns and places to see

October 31, 2014

For those who love to spend the holidays in Sardinia's most popular coastal resorts, like celebrities do, Barbagia is definitely an area of ​​little interest in this island. Yet, this rugged and mountainous region that stretches on the Gennargentu’s sides, between the provinces of Nuoro and Ogliastra, holds a savage and particularly fascinating charm. It's a territory to discover, where customs and traditions, together with the untouched nature, have characterized and differentiated the lives of its people for millennia.

The best route in Barbagia starts from Supramonte Ogliastrino, a limestone plateau dominated by the 1463 meter high Monte Corrasi, which offers a spectacular view with its gorges, cliffs and crags. In addition to the beautiful scenery, you can admire the typical rural houses made of stone, and the characteristics cortes and craft shops, especially in the towns of Belvì, Aritzo, Dorgali, Oliena and Barbagia of Seulo.

The visit in Barbagia continues through the many hiking trails. The first one, going from Is Muralleddas to Texil, is characterized by holm oaks, strawberry trees and monumental chestnut trees, cherry trees and cork oaks. Along the path towards Funtana Cungiada, you can see the little country church of Santa Maria and enjoy the beautiful view that stretches from the Gulf of Oristano all'Ogliastra up to the Gennargentu mountains. More challenging but absolutely spectacular are the Supramonte Ogliastrino’s paths, with numerous panoramic viewpoints on the Gulf of Orosei. Another amazing place to visit is the nearby nuragic village of Or Murals, characterized by 50 circular stone huts dating back to the Bronze Age, the canyon of Codula di Luna and the beautiful beach of Cala Luna.

Moving towards Garroppu, you will walk through towering peaks of rock, admiring the karst formations of Codula di Orbisi, visiting the graves of the giants of Sa Carchera and the nuragic village of Orruinas. The final destination is the Gorroppu Gorge, a canyon about 400 meters high that encloses the Pischina Urtaddala, a pond in which groundwater conveys. Finally, it is worth venturing on the San Giorgio’s path, along which you will find the tomb of the giants of S'Arena and the nuragic village of Perdeballa.

Like any place bound to traditions, Barbagia has lots of events and folk festivals. The most important one is “Autumn in Barbagia”, which is held every year from September to December and provides for events and shows in the prettiest villages. Noteworthy is also the “Carnival of Mamoiada”, with the traditional processional parades of mamuthones.

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