The Regional Park of Porto Conte, in Alghero, and the marine area of Capo Caccia

March 18, 2014

The Regional Park of Porto Conte stretches north of the city of Alghero on an area of ​​5’350 hectares that from the lagoon of Calich continues towards the coast, including the system of Mount Doglia to the wide gulf of Porto Conte and the headlands of Punta Giglio and Monte Timidone-Capo Caccia. Showcase of landscapes unmatched in Europe, this area was defined by the great French naturalist Jacques Cousteau as one of the most beautiful corners in the Mediterranean Sea. The Regional Park of Porto Conte only affects the terrestrial areas, while the caves in the area of Capo Caccia are in the homonymous marine protected area.

The forest of Le Prigionette, where there are animal species protected by international conventions such as the Jar ponies and the white donkeys, is one of the major attractions of the park. The forest is open to visitors, and offers several hiking trails and places to eat. A short distance away, you will find the lake of Baratz, the only natural lake in Sardinia, and the island of Foradada, just in front of the promontory of Capo Caccia and which owes its name to the Cave of Palombi, created by action of sea erosion, which passes through it from side to side.

The flora of the Regional Park of Porto Conte is characterized by the Maquis with the thorny Centaurea horrida and the dwarf fan palm, the only wild European palm in the Mediterranean area. In the waters of the gulf is also easy to come across vast prairies of oceanic Posidonia, plant extremely delicate and irreplaceable place of refuge and breeding ground for the coastal marine fauna. There are also several varieties of pine, as well as strawberry trees, helichrysum, broom and spurge, which in spring make the park full of scents and colors. As for the wildlife species, the griffin (a large vulture with big wings) is particularly important, but you can also find wild boars, weasels, deers, foxes, hares, wild goats and Sardinians jackrabbits.

Very close to the area of ​​the park lies the protected marine area of Capo Caccia, which houses the largest karstic feature in the Mediterranean area with its caves. In particular, the famous Neptune's Grotto is capable of giving incredible scenery with its charming saltwater lake running through it and with its little internal beaches, result of the millennial workings of the sea and the wind.

The Regional Park of Porto Conte is easily accessible from Alghero, which is situated just 20 km away, along the highway in the direction of Fertilia 127 bis and continuing until the arrival in Tramariglio, home of the managing authority of the park.

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