Casa Raphael: a wellness oasis in the heart of Trentino

December 2, 2014

In the heart of Trentino, near the Roncegno termal baths, stands the Casa di Salute Raphael, a wellness oasis entirely dedicated to the care of both body and spirit.

Inside this elegant and comfortable abode built in the early 1900s, guests can undergo procedures that combine traditional medicine with the beneficial effects of one of the most unique waters in the world. In particular, the center offers anthroposophical, phytotherapeutic and homeopathic therapy treatments, all typical of the European tradition.

The Casa di Salute Raphael is located in the town of Roncegno, in Valsugana, about 30 kilometres from Trento and 60 kilometres from Lake Garda. Set in the midst of the valleys of Trentino, the place offers an optimal climate, dry and sheltered from the winds thanks to the nearby high mountains, cool in summer and mild during autumn. Casa Raphael is a modern and renovated Grand Hotel, composed of 85 single and double rooms, still presenting the Belle Époque charm and style that characterized the original building.

The wellness center of Casa Raphael was born in the early ‘90s and during the following decades, it has become a popular destination for people from all over Italy and Europe, who are eager to improve their physical and mental conditions. Up to date, it is the only institution that applies techniques of anthroposophic medicine, which increases its prestige.

Before being subjected to any treatment, guests go under an admittance medical examination, during which the patient’s conditions are thoroughly evaluated and the course of medical treatment is decided. The same doctor will then assist the guest for the entire duration of their stay and, at the end of it, the same personal physician will make an assessment of the progresses made and the results achieved. The staff working in the center speaks both Italian and English, as well as French and German. The health care aspect is carefully looked after, by also providing a 24-hour medical service.

Casa Raphael’s main activities and treatments focus on the therapeutic and physical care. However, the center also offers other types of services, ranging from beauty treatments to artistic therapies such as eurythmy, painting, sculpture, choral singing and group dancing. During your stay, you may take long walks in the neighborhood, visit the organic garden and take part in cultural events. In addition to that, the large halls of the institute may be reserved for private meetings and conferences.

Depending on the period of your visit to the Casa Raphael, you will be able to participate in various training courses; the center also provides the opportunity to purchase promotional packages of various types.

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