Oldofredi Castle on Lake Iseo

April 8, 2015

Oldofredi Castle on Lake Iseo is located in a very favorable position, on a hill in the heart of Iseo’s historical center. It is a defensive building, made of stone and with a rectangular plan: targeted by armies and conquerors, the castle was destroyed several times over the course of time.

The building was built around year 1000 at the Oldofredis’ behest and it soon became an important military and commercial stronghold for the city of Brescia. The first and devastating attack occurred in 1161, when the famous Frederick Barbarossa burned the fort, during the emperor’s unstoppable descent along Italy. That was the first one of many destructions, but each time the citizens of Brescia were quick to rebuild their castle.

Oldofredi Castle’s current structure dates back to the fourteenth century: back then, the outer walls embraced a traditional moat and even a small port. During the seventeenth century, the building was converted into a convent and underwent some very significant structural changes, especially on the inside.

Today, after having been neglected for decades, it is undergoing a whole restoration project. Access to the castle is free for those who want to visit it: the ground floor houses the library, a small war museum and the cloister. Oldofredi Castle hosts in fact Iseo’s municipal library, rich in historical volumes of inestimable value.

To visit the first floor and the towers you shall contact the municipality of Iseo and make a special request: the view that can be seen from the upper floors is absolutely worthwhile, so it is highly recommended to do so.

The visit to Oldofredi Castle is a must, to admire the view that the hill offers, as well as to see up close a place full of history and social significance, that still retains ample evidence of its ancient and noble past.

As previously mentioned, the visit to the castle is free, except for a prior request to visit the upper floors of the building. Therefore, you do not have to purchase any tickets and there are no closing days.

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