Tuscany, Apulia and Umbria during winter: a dream come true

December 13, 2022

Especially for international travelers, Italy is mainly thought about as a string of sandy beaches to lie on and sunbathe, blue waters to swim into and green hills and mountains to hike on. And, don’t get us wrong: late spring and summer are indeed fascinating in what many call “the most beautiful country in the world”.

However, you would be surprised to discover how much you can do and see in Italy during winter. Have you considered awarding yourself a unique travel experience at the beginning of 2023? Here are three Italian regions waiting for you with their spectacular landscapes and activities even during the coldest months of the year: Tuscany, Apulia and Umbria.

Tuscany: heaven for shopping, well-being and even skiing

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Tuscany has a lot to offer during its so-called “off-season” (if there really is one!). Winter definitely slims down the crowd usually populating the streets and piazzas of the various Florence, Pisa and Siena, giving you a chance to indulge in a much slower rhythm and enjoy the seasonal sales (saldi!), and the various and easily accessible museums, concerts and exhibitions throughout the area. However, art and architecture aren’t the only luxuries you will live in a brand new way. The cozy, pleasant and warm atmosphere you will experience in the region will also allow you to observe and fully immerse yourself in the genuine Tuscan lifestyle.

Mountains are also just around the corner, and they are perfect if you love skiing and snowboarding! By renting your luxury accommodation in Tuscany, you will be gliding down Abetone’s 50-plus kilometers of slopes in no time while enjoying all the comforts and amenities of its professional ski resorts. Still not enough? Check out the nearby Monte Amiata: it’s the perfect area for practice at all levels and even snowshoe hiking.

And if your passion is simply relaxation and well-being, Tuscany is once again the right answer thanks to its worldwide famous thermal waters: they are just magical in winter and way less crowded than in the summer. In addition, the region offers several hot springs and quality spas, both indoors and outdoors, allowing you to take care of your body and soul while surrounded by stunning panoramic views.

Apulia: Italy’s hidden gem thanks to its year-round sun

If you don’t like winter but still want to live a luxury holiday this season, Apulia is likely the perfect option. Located in the South of Italy, right on the very heel of the country’s boot, this territory is well-known for its stunning beaches and warm climate. No wonder it has grown in popularity as a travel destination even during its off-season!

With its year-round sunshine, stunning scenery, precious winter markets and decorations, Apulia remains an untapped secret and a true hidden gem among travelers. Other than – once again – enjoying much less crowded streets and piazza, you will experience the warm, mild winter weather guaranteed by the delicious Mediterranean climate that kisses the whole region throughout the year. The temperature from December to February is 10°C to 16°C, but still usually sunny: just perfect to spend time on the beach.

Finally, the countryside and its hidden treasures: as the land of olives and olive oil, Apulia has a lot to offer in terms of nature-oriented experiences. The main one is the olive harvest, which takes place from November to January. The “green gold” of the region – its olive groves – however, will be just the starting point to taste Apulia’s most popular veggies and crops, such as artichokes, cabbage, turnip tops, lentils and almonds, and delicious traditional dishes, with their triumph of fish and seafood.

Winter in Umbria: a contemplative vacation as the new year starts

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Finally, Umbria: the Italian region you might want to consider if you love contemplative holidays, quiet and relaxing days immersed in nature and the slow living that accompanies a territory caught in a timeless atmosphere.

Before you really start the hectic daily life of the new year, allow yourself to unwind, disconnect from your routine, and walk through the streets, piazzas, ancient monasteries and hidden corners of this stunningly charming region. The weather during winter is usually pleasant and sunny. Although the temperatures can drop from time to time, they generally remain comfortable enough to stay outdoors as long as you want.

For a creative or spiritual retreat, Umbria truly has a lot to offer both in its cities, small villages and countryside. You will also experience some of the most delicious gastronomical traditions in Italy. Just enter a local restaurant and enjoy their fireplaces and savory legume soups, fresh egg tagliatelle with game sauces, truffle dishes and roasted meats: they will give you all the energy you need to roam some more.

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