Things to see and do on the Island of La Maddalena

September 13, 2013

A scenic boat ride in the archipelago is not the only activity that you can enjoy if you are vacationing on the Island of La Maddalena. In addition to its beautiful beaches and breathtaking scenery, there are several things to do and see on this island of Sardinia.

It is definitely worth taking a walk in the historical center of La Maddalena, which offers a pleasant walk between Via Garibaldi, Via XX Settembre and Piazza Umberto I, as well as in the traditional fish market located next to the marina of Cala Gavetta.

Those who prefer to spend their days by the sea are sure to appreciate the beaches of Trinity Bay and Carlotto, whose beautiful waters will cool them off with a refreshing swim. Whether you are more or less experienced divers, you will have the opportunity to participate in one of the dives organized by the diving clubs on the island. It will lead you to the discovery of a rich backdrop of shipwrecks, submerged rocks and huge expanses of Posidonia oceanica.

Returning from a day in the city, at the beach or on the boat, there is nothing more enjoyable than a drink by the sea, perhaps followed by a fish dinner. The catch on the Island of La Maddalena is always fresh and is prepared according to traditional recipes from local seafood. Our suggestion is to always listen to the advice of the chef.

Finally, if the Island of La Maddalena seems too small, it is useful to remember that a bridge connects it to the Island of Caprera. Here you can visit the Museum of Garibaldi, the house in which he decided to spend his old age and then died, and the Museum of the Sea, which is home to many objects that tell the stories of the lives of fishermen and sailors.

Despite its reduced size, the island of La Maddalena is a small jewel in the north of Sardinia, which is worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

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